Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have your ashes sent off to sea or on a lake in a Viking ship? We can provide you with a lovingly crafted Viking ship complete with sail, willow shields and an ash urn.This beautiful Viking ship has been designed to give your loved one a send-off you won't forget.


The boat is fully watertight and can be floated on a calm lake or sea. It is made of Somerset willow, making it 100% bio-degradable and produced with all natural materials. If you are pre-planning your funeral, you can buy the ship now, use it as an ornament and show it off to your friends.


A small square ash basket with a canvas ash bag sits inside the boat to carry the ashes. The boat should take up to 3-4 kilos weight of ashes.


Having a final send-off should be ceremonious and an occasion shared by loved ones and remembered fondly. A Viking Ship allows you to share in a wonderful experience.


This is also a lovely idea to have as a memorial, perhaps on a one-year anniversary. You can invite family and friends to write private prayers to place in the basket of the boat along with photos and mementos.


Viking ships come standard with a red and white stripe flag. You can have a personalised flag for an additional $150. You will need to supply a high quality image which will be printed onto the flag material as you send it. 


The Viking Ship dimensions:

96cm long

40cm wide (boat) and 70cm wide (sail)

65cm high (mast)

The boat comes with assembling and lighting instructions.


Please be aware that you will need to check the legalities around lighting this boat with your relevant local authorities. 


Tracked and insured postage is included. 

Please allow up to four weeks for creation and delivery.

Please note, these prices are only relevant for customers on mainland Australia. If you'd like to purchase from elsewhere, please contact us for a price. ​​​​​​​

Viking Ship Floating Urn


    Most Viking funerals did not involve a ship set ablaze and launched at sea, instead they usually involved ship shaped burial plots marked by stones. These tumuli, or burial mounds, can be found in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. However, the burning of the body, usually did take place and was important spiritually. The Norseman believed the hotter the flames and the higher the smoke, the closer their loved one came to Valhalla. It was important for Vikings to send their dead into the afterlife correctly.


    However great warriors and members of the aristocracy were often set to rest in their long-ships. Sometimes these long-ships were buried and sometimes they were set on fire and sent off to sea. Vikings were buried with the belongings they may need in the afterlife, such as weapons or even animals. Sometimes a thrall (slave) was also sacrificed at the burial. The thrall was believed to go with the master into the afterlife to serve him there.

  • It's important to make a decent fire using completely dry seasoned kindling wood and small seasoned logs for the fire. Fill the boat up as you ideally need the boat to burn for at least 20 minutes to get the full effect. A reasonable amount of lighter fuel (do not drench otherwise it will burn too quickly) sprayed on the sail and about 4 or 5 firelighters in the bottom of boat under the kindling should do the trick. Make sure the vessel is absolutely balanced in the water before launching off and setting on fire. Two house bricks wedged in either side of the ask basket will help balance and sink the ship.