There is not another memorial service as compelling as a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight. Each launch is a tribute event, attended by friends and family from around the globe. The celebration includes launch site tours and interaction with astronauts and space experts. As the countdown reaches zero and liftoff occurs, an overwhelming emotion of joy and completion prevails.


For Earth Orbit, Luna or Voyager, Celestis provides an easy-to-use tracking tool that lets family and friends track the mission's progress as the Celestis satellite orbits the Earth or makes its way into deep space. Create and plan additional remembrances and celebrations as the spacecraft orbits overhead or reaches key locations.


Celestis Inc. is the pioneer and the only provider to have successfully conducted Memorial Spaceflights in the world for over 30 years with such a unique, memorable and meaningful experience at the launch site. Their Memorial Spaceflight services include the service itself, invitation to the launch and memorial service for family and friends, professionally produced footage of the mission, flight message and name inscription onboard the spacecraft, a biography/photo placed on our website, and performance guarantee.


You can choose to send up to 1g of ashes, a Capsule, which commemorates one participant. Or send up to 2g of ashes, a Gemini, which commemorates one or two participants.


If you would like to send more ashes, up to 7g, please contact us for pricing.


EARTH RISE – next flight in 2020

The Celestis Earth Rise Service launches Flight Capsules containing cremated remains to outer space – and returns them as flown keepsakes to loved ones.

Launched at sunrise and powered to an altitude exceeding 100km by a SpaceLoft XL rocket, the Celestis spacecraft experiences several moments of weightlessness as the rocket separates into component stages and floats freely over Earth, among the stars.

Soon the rocket and payloads begin to descend back, producing audible sonic booms upon re-entry – heralding the return to Earth of the Celestis capsules.

Launch operations are conducted by UP Aerospace.


EARTH ORBIT - Next flight late 2019

Leaving the bonds of Earth to traverse the sky, experiencing the cosmic rhythms of sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes, transmitting a precise location in space to friends and loved ones below, the Celestis Earth Orbit service spacecraft provides a wonderful tribute.

Once in orbit the spacecraft continues on its mission for months or years (mission dependent), eventually re-entering and burning up in entirety, blazing like a shooting star in final tribute. Celestis Earth Orbit Service missions have always been respectfully engineered to avoid creating orbital debris.


LUNA – Next launch mid 2020

What could be more compelling than looking up in the night sky at our glowing neighbor, knowing your loved one has completed a journey accomplished by so few? The Celestis spacecraft is a permanent lunar memorial for adventurous souls. The Luna Service sends Flight Capsules of cremated remains to Earth’s moon.

The provider for our next Luna mission is MoonEx, the first private company approved by the US government for a commercial lunar landing mission.


VOYAGER - Next launch in 2020

As humans continue to reach out to explore and, eventually, to settle the solar system and beyond, it is entirely appropriate that our celebrations, rituals, and memorials accompany us.

For many, the notion of a final voyage in space - permanently traversing the cosmos - offers the most appropriate memorial for a life devoted to exploration, adventure, and cosmic awareness.

The Celestis Voyager Service launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains into deep space, leaving the Earth-Moon system on an infinite journey.

As with all Celestis services, Voyager launches as a “secondary” payload on commercial and scientific spacecraft. Because missions to deep space are complex, relatively rare, and resource limited, often these missions include advanced technology, including solar sails, and are destined for distant locations – for example the Sun-Earth L1 stable gravity point, more than 1 million kilometers from Earth.

The first Celestis Voyager Memorial Spaceflight - the Enterprise Flight – will launch from Earth, travel beyond the Moon’s gravitational reach, and become one of the few spacecraft infinitely orbiting the sun - a truly permanent tribute.

The Voyager launch includes participation in a three day memorial event in Cape Canaveral, the cradle of American space program.


A Way to Remember is an authorized distributor of Celestis memorial spaceflights.


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Space Flight

Flight Type
  • A life is made of a thousand defining moments that form the unique shape of the person we have lost or may soon lose. Their passions, milestones, and legacies weave a tapestry that we hold dear.

    Think of the Earth Rise Service as the most powerful goodbye letter you could ever write. Powerful because it comes from the heart. Powerful because it symbolizes everything you ever wanted to say. Powerful because it is unforgettable.

    As the sun rises, a rocket launches with your special treasure aboard—a symbolic portion of cremated remains. It blasts into space more than 100 km—with all the fanfare and drama of history’s greatest launches. And then it reaches that stunning view of the Earth from above, the spectacular point of weightlessness previously attained by astronauts like John Glenn and Yuri Gagarin. You, or your loved one—touched by the stars. Later, the recovered capsule and professional video of the mission events are sent to the family—rare, flown-to-space keepsakes to forever commemorate this special day. A day that will surprise you both because it’s so transformational, but also because it’s so affordable.


    Launch operations are conducted at Spaceport America, New Mexico, near the birthplace of modern rocketry. The day before liftoff, company staff and engineers demonstrate the inner workings of mission control and lead a launch pad tour for a close-up view of the rocket, permitting photos and a final goodbye to loved ones. The pre-launch memorial service blends family and loved ones' memories of those aboard. On launch day, the group travels to witness together the majesty and power of the launch. The launch is webcast for family members and friends who cannot attend.