NURNs are biodegradable urns offering a new kind of burial ceremony on water or in the ground. It offers the closeness of nature enclosed in paper form inspired by Zen culture.


NURN is created from a paper derivative in a way that does not burden the ecosystem of the sea and allows biomorphic shapes to be created. The urns cylindrical shape is reminiscent of shells, seeds, shrouds and womb, because in some beliefs death is considered the beginning of a new life. Each urn is hand kneaded so no two are exactly alike.


The urn has a capacity up to 5 litres of ashes and will stay afloat for approximately 15 minutes before gently submerging below the water. 


Dimensions: width 35 cm, length 45 cm, height 25 cm. 


Postage is included. NURN's are sent tracked and insured mail.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. 


NURN are created by Polish perfectionists, lovers of good design and conscious lifestyle who adhere to the principle that less means more and looking for beauty in the simplicity. NURN urns are characterised by an original, unique design, elaborated in the smallest detail.


Please note, prices are only relevant for customers on mainland Australia. If you'd like to purchase from elsewhere, please contact us for a price. 


NURN Floating Urn


    In the old slavic culture they believed that the NYJA\/NIJA\/NYA was a goddess of the underground world, the patroness of reincarnation who promised revival again. The deity name is probably derived from the Polish verb 'nyti' meaning disappearance and dying. Hence the land of the dead was called Nawia, and Nawki were the souls of those who were resided there. From the words, NYJA, NAWIA and NAWKI the “N” letter was taken combining it with the abbreviated word “URN” to obtain the noun “NURN”.