Cherish these beautiful hand crafted works of art as you look through the kaleidoscope chamber at the beauty of your loved ones life. These are a perfect time capsule for holding truly memorable keepsakes.


Our personalized cremation ash vault with a cradle on top for our kaleidoscope is a gift that can be shared with future generations, which will bring calm and serenity with their reflected ever changing patterns. Constantly rearranging themselves like each new day, revealing images of symmetry and beauty that remind us that our loved ones are always just a turn away. It is our hope that the gifts of this experience will always bring you brilliant and everlasting memories.


These urns are not a static resting place, they are an interactive art object you will be proud to own, and share with family and friends. They bring light, movement, and joy where once it was thought there was only sorrow. The kaleidoscopes offer a continuing and continuous celebration of life, ever turning, ever joyful, ever changing and everlasting.


The object chamber is the unique feature that sets these urns apart from others. The possibilities are endless . You can put your loved ones belongings into the chamber and create beautiful lasting images.


The complete set includes a base with a cradle on top for the kaleidoscope. Also included with each set are a pair of handling gloves, cremains capsules that fit within the body of the kaleidoscope, wrench for opening cremains base, a chamber starter pack, and instructions on how to set up and maintain your kaleidoscope.


If you're only keeping a small portion of ashes the kaleidoscope comes with a locket for a very small amount of ashes which can be placed directly into the object chamber. The body of the kaleidoscope has three 15cm x 1.5cm tubes which ashes can be contained within. The vault the kaleidoscope sits on will hold the ashes of an adult. 


You can choose from:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • 25 carat gold plated
  • Black walnut/veneer with maple accents and a solid maple vault.


Total Size is 25.4cm tall x 30.5cm long x 12.7cm deep

Kaleidoscope is 30.5cm long and 8.25cm in diameter

Urn vault is 30.5cm long x 15.25cm tall x 12.7cm deep


As each piece is handcrafted the approximate times to receive your products are:

Stainless silver - 2 weeks 

Gold plated - 3 weeks  

Wood - 5 weeks  


All products come with a one year warranty.


Postage is included to anywhere in Australia. 


    • Coins
    • Game pieces
    • Zodiac signs
    • Bottle caps
    • Marbles
    • Lock of hair
    • Eyelashes
    • Tool chest items/nails/screws
    • Feathers
    • Beads
    • Military ID tags
    • Sea Glass/Shells
    • Travel Trinkets
    • Jewellery/ broken jewellery/ clasps
    • Cuff links
    • Buttons
    • Pins/brooch
    • Charms/bracelet/necklace
    • Clothing swatches-dress, neck ties
    • Office supplies/paper clip/thumbtack
    • Dried flowers
    • Clippings of anything paper
    • Stamps
    • Animal collar
    • Hair accessories/ clips/ ties
    • Piercing jewellery
    • Shapes
    • Letters
    • Keys
    • Toys/ model pieces
    • Candy/ dried foods
    • Favourite hobby items
    • Locket photo
    • Watch components
    • Stained glass piece
    • Guitar pick
    • Birthday candles
    • Lucky charms
    • Mini flags
    • Lapel pins
    • Puzzle pieces
    • Dice
    • Inspirational words
    • Teeth/ shark/ gold/ first
    • Bullet shells/ hunting items
    • Electronic items