The Hurricane candle holder offers a family a unique way of memorializing their loved one with illumination. Custom made with your choice of colored base, the beautiful iridescent glass is swirled around with the cremated remains of your loved one. Battery LED candle included. Engraving of up to 20 characters on the base of the piece is included. 


The hurricane candle holder is approximately 13cm high by 8.5cm wide.


Please note than each piece is handmade with special colouring treatments, so the final colour of your art may differ slightly from the images on this page. 


Glass Remembrances are the perfect gift or way to remember a loved one and bring continued comfort from keeping them eternally near. In our highly mobile society we can often be separated from a beloveds resting place. These portable tributes can always be part of your life. Each Glass Rememberance is individually signed by the artist. 


The glass sculptures come with a Certificate of Authenticity so you know it is your loved ones ashes within. Any unused ashes will be mailed back to you with your glass art. Only one piece of glass is made at a time and the facility is thoroughly cleaned in between orders. 


As everything is custom made, please allow sufficient time for your artwork to be created and mailed internationally to you, this could be up to 10 weeks. 


After you have placed your order you will receive an ashes collection kit in the mail. You will need to supply two tablespoons of cremated remains. You will post this to our artisans in a prepaid mailer we will send you. 


Please note, these prices are only applicable for mainland Australia. Please contact us if you live elsewhere for pricing. 

Glass Candle Holder

  • Yes, ashes cannot be placed into separate parts of the memorials but they can be mixed together in one memorial or piece of cremation jewellery.