The Lotus is a unique urn made for water burial and captures the essence of tranquility. Crafted by hand from recycled and craft paper, they are engineered to float briefly before gracefully sinking. Once submerged they begin to break down naturally over time. They are 100% biodegradable. As they are hand painted they will each vary slightly in appearance.


Please note that float times may vary depending on water conditions and the weight of the cremated remains inside. No glue is required to seal the urn. Each securely closes using leather cord. Convenient, discreet custom packaging included. The Lotus can fit an adults amount of ashes. 


Lotus dimensions: 34cm diameter by 19.5cm high


Please check with your local council to ensure that you are following all appropriate guidelines or regulations, such as distance from the shore.

Postage is included within mainland Australia. If you would like to order from outside this area, please contact us for a price.  Postage may take up to two weeks as this product comes in from overseas. 

Floating Lotus Urn