Feel at peace as you gaze at your bespoke dreamcatcher, containing a hidden pouch behind the foliage to contain up to one tablespoon of your beloveds cremation ashes .


These dreamcatchers are created by an Australian artist who makes things inspired by nature that bring her happiness and joy, hoping that others in turn will also feel this peacefulness.


The Dreamcatchers are approximately 30x35cm and are available in variety of colour combinations with crystals as an optional extra.


Crystals and gemstones not only look beautiful, but they also have an abundance of healing properties, some of them are listed below.


Amethyst (purple) - spirituality, faith and protection.

Rose Quartz (white/light pink) - love, harmony, calming, confidence, balance and stress.

Opal (ice blue) - spirituality and emotional healing.


Each dreamcatcher combination will differ slightly as each creation is unique.


Your order will take approxiamtely two weeks to receive. 


Please note, these prices are only applicable for mainland Australia. Please contact us if you live elsewhere for pricing.


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