Take a lasting reminder of your loved one wherever you go. 


A Heart In Diamond is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that can never be duplicated. As one of the hardest and most indestructible substances on earth, a Heart In Diamond permanently captures the essence of love and is a legacy that can be treasured for generations to come.


First choose your colour

Orange-Yellow: Comes in all tints from a very light yellow to a deeper orange colour.

Yellow-Green: Comes in a light sparkling green with a semi-transparent hue.

Deep Red: This colour has a chameleon effect, meaning that the shade changes depending on the surrounding light conditions.

Blue: A very sought after colour that is as brilliant as it is beautiful. (Only available in a Brilliant cut)

White: The timeless classic that shines pure and brilliant in any light. (Only available in a Brilliant cut)


All colours are non-fading and retain a head-turning fire, luster and brilliance that belong to and are unique to natural diamonds.


Secondly choose your size (carat)

Mini: 0.10-0.19

1/4 Carat: 0.20-0.34

1/2 Carat: 0.45-0.64

3/4 Carat: 0.65-0.89

1 Carat: 0.90-1.19


Please contact us for larger sizes, up to 2 Carats. 

Lastly choose your cut (not all cuts are available for all sizes)

Brilliant (round) - available for all sizes and colours


Princess (square) - available 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 carat in Orange/Yellow, Yellow/Green and Red only


Radiant (rounded square) - available 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 carat in Orange/Yellow, Yellow/Green and Red only


Once you have ordered your diamond, you can think about the jewellery setting you would like. There are myriad options to choose from, all stunning ways to show off your most beloved diamond.


All diamonds are graded in accordance with the international clarity grading standards and have clarity I – VVS where small and very, very small inclusions are possible. Even though the growing process for every diamond is very individual and takes a natural course just as it would in nature, we still guarantee that a personal diamond grown in our lab will be within I – VVS grade.


Please allow up to 3 months for your orange/yellow, yellow/green or red diamond and 5 months for your white or blue diamond. Growing precious products takes time and we could not rush something so deeply personal. 


You will need a different bag for each carbon source you include. For example, if you are making a diamond from the ashes of two people, you will need two bags to fill with ashes. We will send you the number of bags you need when you select this from the product option menu. 


Ashes are sent tracked post and the final diamond is sent tracked and insured.

Please note, these prices are only relevant for customers on mainland Australia. If you'd like to purchase from elsewhere, please contact us for a price. 

Additionally, if you prefer, please contact us for a bank transfer option to reduce costs associated with credit card fees.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


Diamond Colour and Carat
  • It is a genuine, certified laboratory-grown diamond, but different than any other, because it is created using the signature carbon (taken from hair or ashes) of people and pets. These unique diamonds are made to celebrate life’s precious memories and become heirlooms, passed on for generations to come.

    Heart In Diamonds are real, certified diamonds that have been created in a laboratory by replicating nature’s conditions of extreme temperatures, pressure and pure carbon that occur over millions of years deep beneath the earth’s crust. Heart In Diamond created diamonds possess the identical chemical, optical and physical properties of earth-mined diamonds.

  • How do you process personal carbon from people or pets?

    Using a high-temperature process, personal hair or cremated ashes provided by the customer is converted into pure carbon, which is the primary element required for diamond formation, either in a laboratory or through the naturally-occurring processes deep under the earth’s crust.


    How much carbon can Heart In Diamond extract from customers’ material (ashes/hair/clothes)?

    It is not possible to assess whether the sample contains sufficient amounts of carbon before sample analysis has taken place. Heart In Diamond will provide the chemical analysis of each customer’s material to show how much carbon it contains.


    How much hair or ashes are required to create a Heart In Diamond? We request at least 2/3 of a cup or about 100 grams of cremated ashes or 1/2 a cup or about 2 grams of hair. If you do not have these exact amounts, we can still create your diamond by adding generic carbon.


    What if I only have a small amount of ashes but I really want to have a diamond made?
    There are two options, the first is that we combine carbon sources, for example maybe a smaller amount of ashes and then hair from other family members; or if this is not an appealing option we can add additional generic carbon, meaning the signature carbon is still in the diamond replicating and growing throughout the process, there is just less of it.


    Is there a limit to the sources of personal carbon used to create a single diamond?

    There is no limit to the number of people and/or pets whose signature carbon can be used to create your diamond. You can combine both source types (e.g., ashes and hair) and multiple people/pets in one source category (e.g., hair from an entire family, including your pet).


    What happens if the entire personal carbon source is not used to create the diamond?

    It is rare to have excess carbon following the creation process. However, any excess (hair, ashes or pure carbon) will be returned to you.


    Does the type of hair/ashes, or color of hair affect the clarity of diamond? The answer is NO, the structure of your hair does not affect color or clarity of your diamond, but can add some individual tint or mark of your beauty.


    Do we need to wash or clean the hairs prior sending them to you? There is no need to wash or clean the hairs before sending them to us. These factors have no effect on the creation process.


    How does the diamond creation process work?

    A Heart In Diamond is formed by applying high pressure and high temperature to your source of carbon – a process that replicates conditions found deep inside the earth. We begin with a tiny diamond seed and pure signature carbon. These core components are placed in a growth chamber to form a real “diamond in the rough.” This rough diamond is then cut and polished to the customer’s specifications.


    What are the steps needed to create a personal diamond?

    1. An order is placed and paid for. An ID tracking number is assigned to the order 

    2. You will receive a package from us containing a container with a pre-paid bag to send the ashes for processing to Heart in Diamond.  

    3. Production period commences and includes:

    Transportation to the laboratory

    Chemical analysis of the material

    Assembling unique diamond foundation core for growth

    Diamond growth process

    Rough diamond inspection

    Rough diamond cutting into ordered cut shape

    Cut and polished diamond inspected by lab and issued Certificate of Authenticity Diamond is sent to gemological laboratory for grading

    Diamond is packaged and ready to be shipped to you

    The steps of the creation process can be tracked by you through the website using your unique ID

    6. Diamond insured and sent to you. 


    How can we confirm that the different carbon extracted from hair samples of person A is not actually from person B?

    Carbon is a primary material and a primary building block for diamonds. When carbon is extracted from hair/ashes and added to a diamond growing foundation - it is not possible to differentiate and therefore analyze the carbon any further. However in order to give Heart In Diamond product credibility over the creation process, just as it is done in crematoriums, we have implemented a special control system over our internal processes that includes a tracking and tracing system throughout all process phases.

    The facilities we use to add credibility to the product: Chain Of Custody document Online, ID specific, tracking system Authenticity Certificate Independent Gemological Certificate (optional) Manufacturer Guarantee


    What is Chain of Custody?

    The process of creation is set up to guarantee the diamond and to avoid any mistakes. A Chain of Custody certificate reflects all stages of creation of a Heart In Diamond and is signed by the person responsible for each stage.


    What is the Heart In Diamond ID tracking system?

    From the moment an order is placed, we assign a unique ID digit tracking number. Using this number you can follow each step of the diamond’s creation process.


    What is a Heart In Diamond Authenticity Certificate?

    This is a certificate issued by Heart In Diamond that confirms the creation of the personal diamond by the laboratory and guarantees the properties of each diamond. Every diamond created in our lab can be checked at any time through the Authenticity Check Program. The A4 certificate accompanies the finished product and includes 3 important fields:

    A. Name - Who the Personal Diamond is dedicated to

    B. The certificate will confirm the origin of the diamond and will include all chemical composition certification of the buyer’s material, including the most important Carbon-contents (the base of the diamond)

    C. Diamond grading report (color, size, cut, clarity).


    How do I know that my Heart In Diamond is a real diamond?

    You can check our diamonds using an independent source of verification – e.g. Independent Gemological Labs. This analysis is conducted by a world-renowned Gemological Institute and details the diamond’s individual characteristics and certifies its authenticity.


    What is an Independent Gemological Certificate?

    This certificate is used in the diamond industry to confirm the origin of the diamond and it's characteristics and is issued by a gemological authority like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), IGI (International Gemological Institute). The turnaround time varies between laboratories and we choose the most suitable one that meets the production timeframe.


    What is the Heart In Diamond Manufacturer Guarantee?

    Your Heart In Diamond includes a lifetime guarantee against any defects originating from or caused by the diamond creation process. Heart In Diamonds are not guaranteed against damage or loss as a result of theft, willful damage or breakage, application of high heat treatment, change-of-mind, buyer’s remorse and natural inclusions that result from the growth process.


    Can our signature carbon ever be removed or extracted from a finished Heart In Diamond?

    No, it cannot. The pure carbon taken from the personal source that you provide, is used as the core material from which the diamond is created and can never be altered following diamond growth. 


    How do prices of Heart In Diamonds and earth-mined diamonds compare?

    Due to the scarce availability of colored diamonds found under the earth, recent price research indicates that Heart In Diamonds’ fancy colored diamonds can be as much as 75% less than the cost of certain earth-mined colored diamonds of comparable size, color, clarity and cut.


    Does the price of the diamond include mounting and setting? Separate pricing for loose diamonds and jewelry settings can be found on our website. We provide an array of beautiful settings in both 14 carat and 18 carat White and Yellow gold and platinum. If the design you desire is not amongst our current options, we will work with you to design and create the custom setting of your dreams.


    Why is a Heart In Diamond a socially responsible and eco-friendly option?

    We are committed to creating only environmentally friendly and conflict-free diamonds. Unlike natural diamond mining, which destroys ecosystems and funds armed campaigns, our man made diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment, using only modest amounts of resources. Free from environmental harm and unethical labor or trade practices, the creation of a personal laboratory grown Heart In Diamond is as pure and peaceful as the gems themselves.


    Is laser inscription available for personal messages? Yes, a personal message is an option available during the ordering process. It is possible to laser inscribe a personal message onto a diamond girdle that is 1/2 carat and higher. There are limitations to the number of symbols that can be inscribed - please see Purchase Order Form. Please note: if the diamond is set in jewelry, the laser inscription can be hidden, depending on the type of setting chosen.


    What delivery service is used?

    For delivery of the product we use DHL / Australia Post couriers or any other reliable courier service. We do not ship to a Post Office Box.


    Do you insure a Heart In Diamond during shipping?

    Yes we do. In the unlikely event of something happening to your diamond during shipment, you are fully insured. Once the Heart In Diamond is delivered to you, you assume all risk and liability.


    What if the finished size of the diamond differs from what was ordered?

    If the size is lower than was ordered, the company will refund the customer proportionate to a price option. If the size is larger, no additional payment is required and the customer pays for the option ordered, e.g. you ordered 1 carat Red at $10,165. 1 carat option assumes 0.90-1.19 finished carat weight. If the finished diamond weight is 0.80 ct, then $1,811 is returned to you (You pay $ 8,345 for the option 0.65 – 0.89 ct). If the finished diamond weight is 1.45 ct, then the price doesn’t change.