Hanging elegantly on a black satin cord, this glass cremation ash teardrop pendant has a swirl of ashes infused into clear glass. The ashes of your loved one are the feature of the pendant, they are part of the art.


As well as showing off the ashes elegantly, the clear glass allows the light to play off the hundreds of tiny CO2 gas bubbles the ashes create as they are absorbed into the glass. No two pieces of cremation jewellery will ever be alike as the size and patterns of bubbles cannot be controlled. The results are an organic fusion of the glass and ash mixing together in different ways.


Approximately 2.5cm tall, this hypo-allergenic pendant is a beautiful way to keep the ashes of your loved one always close by you. Each touch or compliment of the pendant will bring back a wave of pleasant memories for you. 


We have a professional glass artist with over 20 years experience who hand creates each pendant with utmost caring and respect. 


All tracked and insured postage is included.

If you'd like to purchase multiple pendants please contact us for a discounted rate.

Please note, these prices are only relevant for customers on mainland Australia. If you'd like to purchase from elsewhere, please contact us for a price. 


Clear Teardrop Glass Pendant

  • All postage is included in the price. Parcels are tracked and the necklace will also be insured. After ordering you will receive an ashes collection kit in the mail and a pre-paid mailer to send to our crafts person. 

  • We use “borosilicate glass” in our pendants, a specialized and versatile very strong variety of glass. It is so strong it is used for stove top cookware, nuclear waste containment and scientific glassware. It is highly durable, less sensitive to day-to-day mishaps, can last for generations, and has a longer lifespan.


    Borosilicate glass has a natural color palette. Each color is an organic, living collection of hues that can be manipulated and shaded with careful torch work and kiln annealing. The colors that can be achieved using borosilicate glass are more dynamic and subtle than most soft glass colors. Also, due to the chemically compatible composition of borosilicate glass, various precious metals like silver and gold can be used to color the glass in some very unique and amazing ways.


    What is the chemical composition of Borosilicate glass?

    Molecularly speaking, borosilicate glass differs from regular “soft glass” in one simple way. Borosilicate glass substitutes particles of boron oxide for the soda and lime particles found in soft glass. The boron oxide “glues” the silicate particles together with aluminum oxide and sodium oxide. Because the boron oxide particles are small, the silicate is bonded together more tightly which results in a much stronger glass.